iPhone 5 Post

Apple’s iPhone has managed to sell over 19 million handsets since launch over 4 years ago. The high premium of the handset has not differed people from purchasing the phone which has been very popular due to the software system it operates with, the iOS. Year upon year, Apple has announced a new model for the iPhone at their own Worldwide Developers Conference. However, this year, Apple decided to move their emphasis onto the software release rather than the next iPhone, the iPhone 5.

iOS 5 has many features that can be used on the new iPhone 4 and possibly on the previous iPhones, such as the instant camera on lock screen and the notifications. The lack of announcement of the new iPhone has led to many tech blogs and websites to speculate that the new iPhone will be released in September/October 2011, with the iOS preinstalled. This may have been done to ensure that Apple are able to create great demand for their array of products created by Apple (the Macbook pro and iPad etc) for the Christmas period of 2011.

I think that Apple will improve the phone by adding the A5 processor, improving the camera, as well as including the new software. These would be most hardware changes I think they will do, however I think it would be very cool if they had preinstalled applications such as iMovie for editing videos, Adobe Photoshop for editing photos and finally a set of essential games such as Angry birds and Tetris. There are other things that I would like to see for example, being able to access airplane mode and Wi-Fi ON/OFF from the home screen in some way.

This is it for the first post, and I know it’s short but I need to get used to blogging. I would like comments, good or bad.