Final Fantasy XIV, a Realm Reborn on a Bunch of Wonky Servers

Agree with the server problems, but its a good thing for me since I need to focus on other things.


Final Fantasy XIV may be cursed. You know this if you’ve tried to play recently and met the business end of a 1017 error (indicating a full server). It hasn’t been a good week for Square Enix’s second-shot MMO. Heck, it’s been a pretty miserable three years. I keep expecting my copy of the PlayStation 3 version to turn up a black spot.

Though being full up is kind of a good problem to have, unlike the far more serious issues the game had back in September 2010. Then, it was in such bad shape Square Enix had to ask for a mulligan, haul its beleaguered pseudo-medieval realm of Eorzea back to the forge, shutter the servers last November, and promise to essentially rebuild the thing from the ground up.

Which is where we find ourselves today, a little over a week into delivery of said promise, still sporting roman numeral XIV, but…

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